The concept of Aura Edit

Firstly, aura derives from a deep core in the vast plains of space, easily mistakable as a blue sun to any passerby spacecraft (if any). Aura travels to anyone who uses it, specifically those on Earth. Aura acts as a power contained inside one's soul. Aura is basically the hacked client of the game, using it to make some concepts of life much easier, (mostly fighting). Aura can be transferred out of one's body, in many forms. Imagine this, you're walking down the road, you're in Ratrocity (The center of all aura activity on Earth) and mind you, you're in sector 3. A stranger walks up behind you, the flashy fur coat a clear indication you're not from there. So, without aura you'd find yourself at the center of an armed robbery. With aura, your reflexes would be aided by aura, allowing you to react faster, possibly fast enough to snatch the gun out of their hand, slamming it into the side of their head, sending them unconscious.

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